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Let us face the reality and have a lot of information about Thailand Property investment. But everyone you saw at the seminar used the wise words of the real estate masters or the people you saw in Barnes and Noble until 11 pm, reading all the real estate investment books they could have. Your hand (I am guilty of my work!), how much do you think their real estate investment business really succeeded?

I don’t have exact figures, but based on my experience as a real estate investment information and advice provider, I think about 1% to 2% want to invest in real estate and stay there. Business and make it profitable.

These numbers are very disappointing.

Why is it so difficult? Why are so many potential investors failing before they start? Why are others who have taken the first step in the career of Thailand Property investors still fail to achieve their long-term goals?

Since I started my seminar as a real estate investment student a few years ago, I realized that this deck is not good for me. I bought all the real estate investment courses, joined a personal trainer, and watched how many people around me stayed on the road. I have to leave him many times. You may have a story of your own struggles in real estate investment.

That is a million dollar problem. Here are the conclusions I can find.

Despite the excellent information on real estate investment, why do Thailand Property investors fail?

The myth of fast wealth: Why are potential real estate investors failing?

The fact that there are real estate investment strategies, such as changes in housing that can be implemented quickly (60-90 days) does not mean that it is easy to find quotes, negotiate them and close them in the first month or the second month. After you start your real estate investment business. According to my experience, most people should spend some time familiarizing themselves with the real estate market in their area, their terminology and their real estate strategy, and begin to implement negotiations to find and motivate sellers.

The myth of not paying

Many times, I heard the students come to me and said, “I just lost my job, so I am very motivated to make it work quickly.” Or “My goal is to invest in a house every month because I need funds. In the initial capital.” These feelings may be the activities that the masters have long encouraged people to think that Thailand Property investment is not capital. Even after you receive the form, if you own a rental property or a lease/option, paper yields can take years to become money.

The truth that “where I live does not work”.

There is a cliché in the bangkok real estate master’s field, and his speakers like to make jokes. Many students like to say, “Your strategy doesn’t work where I live.” The guru plays a joke, as if this person is an excuse not to start investing because they can’t.

The fact is that there are many changes in the performance of the national real estate market. In some areas, such as the South and Midwest, property values ​​are relatively stable and properties are good. In other regions, Southern California, Florida, and Las Vegas come to mind, property values ​​fluctuate a lot, and you can make a fortune or lose because of the wave of appreciation for your shirt.

It is important to understand the real estate market cycle and the position of the market in the current market stage. If you want to succeed locally, implement a strategy that is right for your market. If not, you must do what I have done and learn to invest in a reasonable place without having to feel obligated to invest in your place of residence. Each strategy has advantages and disadvantages. However, I mean, it is unfair for the masters to laugh at the people who raised this objection. Investors believe this is an effective focus, even if it does not help sell the master’s real estate investment course.

Therefore, I have raised many concerns about the misinformation spread in the real estate investment industry. Am I too disappointed? Do I “go out” to invest now? If you are a good person, if you can easily convince me, I am glad that you can put your precious time and money into a strategy that you are not interested in.