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Fun, interactive, in 3D, videopoker, classic, 472 slot machines among the most captivating, with rich and frequent jackpots. At the 먹튀사이트 신고 it is always time for great news. The new slot machines and multigames offer everyone the opportunity to find the game that suits their tastes. Bets start at  1 cent. up to € 2.50,  with the widest choice between  free games and bonus games .

The link with tradition is represented by the style, the elegance of a refined environment, the attention of the operators and the continuity of the percentage of winnings, as always among the highest offers to the players; this year the slots of the Sanremo Casino have already distributed a daily average of  over € 77,000, considering the only winnings exceeding € 999. 2,472,000 euros, staggering figures, represent the sum of winnings up to June 2018 exceeding 4,999 euros.

Also this year the success and interest in 3D slots are confirmed, the last frontier of electromechanical games. These are video slots starting at  1c  that allow the player to literally immerse himself in the game, to live an immersive visual experience. Among the most attractive slot machines at the 먹튀사이트 신고 are  Texas Tea Pinball, a real rarity in Italy , installed in the Casino’s Smoking Room. An exciting game that will take you to Texas to accumulate a lot of money. Texas Tea is a slot machine to play, whose characteristics make it popular and very popular with the players.

This is a video slot with 5 reels with 40 pay lines  and bright colors. The theme of the game is inspired by the owners of the Texas oil fields and in the bonus game you can demonstrate your skills and skill at the   electronic pinball ,  accumulating prizes for the basic game. This game can really be called a skill game, a game of skill. If you are looking for a three-seater  slot machine that  is enjoying great success and attention from our customers, you have to experiment with the Zorro slot.

The slot is inspired by the adventures of the great masked figure known by the famous name of Zorro, a great swordsman who defended the poor against the harassment of the rich and the bad, marking the victims with the legendary ZETA . This is a video slot with the ability to play from 1c, 2c, 5c and 10c.

Other interesting and exciting slots are the Willy Wonka.

These are animated slots with the cast and characters of the famous musical “La fabbrica del cioccolato”. Join Charlie as he visits the Willy Wonka chocolate factory, the most eccentric and marvelous candy factory ever seen. Full of fantasy, filled with delicious surprises each of which allows you to access a higher level. Each new level of play is a milestone of the exciting  tour of the famous chocolate factory, punctuated by the original music of the film. In the large family of slot machines at the Casinò di Sanremo, there are also  PARTY TIME   that offer a prize money of over 20,000 euros .

With these fun slot machines you win by accompanying the Tipsy elephant to parties and parties 먹튀사이트 신고 . The bonus game lets you enter a festive and lucky dimension, including music, gifts, cocktails, cakes, balloons and above all winnings! Other fun slots with which to try are the  Smash Smash Festival , 1c multi game video slot  . The amounts of the 6 different Jackpots remain fixed and the odds of winning increase with higher bet levels. The goal of the game is to blow up the colored “pignatte” that contain cash prizes, surprises and bonuses. Try to choose the right pot, you will be able to hit the Bonus Smash Time, a winner-take-all jackpot, thanks to which you can redeem all the prizes contained in the central pot.