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Wondering what are the benefits of buying a used luxury watch ? Why are there a lot of people doing this business and deciding to buy second-hand products rather than new products? What is the advantage of buying a used Rolex over a new one, for example? There are many different reasons that you might want to look into the used market, the price is obviously one of them but it’s not absolutely the only reason. In fact, there are many more benefits to buying a used luxury watch other than “it’s slightly cheaper than the new version.” Let’s go over some of them now.

Advantage # 1: Avoiding depreciation

Like most things you buy, there will be an initial depreciation. This could range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the cost of the watch you buy and how valuable it is in the used market. If you were to buy a new luxury watch , it might take some time before it was worth more money on the second hand market. If you buy used vehicles, avoid the initial depreciation that often occurs during the first years of possession.

Advantage # 2: The watch is made to last

Often, if you buy a luxury used watch, compared to a new luxury watch, your budget can stretch further. This means that you are able to offer a superior watch made to last. The quality of materials used by luxury watch brands makes it worthwhile to invest. It’s a totally different purchase from buying a smartwatch, for example. You would not think of passing your smartwatch to your children as part of their legacy. But with a classic Swiss Patek Philippe watch you could do it. Reason being, that aside from its appeal as a beautiful watch, it could appreciate over time and become a nest egg for your children or their children. A smartwatch should not last even a single generation.

Advantage # 3: more choice

Buying used luxury watches means you are opening the market considerably. As we discussed, these luxury watches for men are made to last, which means you can buy models that have been around for a hundred years or more. Imagine all the different styles and models on the used market! You also have the choice between limited editions, many of which are good investment opportunities. There is a whole world to discover and learn about the used watch market and you will enjoy everything you learn from the history of watchmaking on your way.

Advantage # 4: Vintage Appeal

From a stylistic point of view, if you like the vintage look that comes back in fashion, used luxury watches are a good choice. Instead of buying a new watch that was designed to look vintage, why not just buy an original vintage watch! There is no doubt that your friends will ask you where you got this beautiful piece, and you can tell your stories with it.

Advantage # 5: Best Deals

There are often very good deals to be made on the used watch market. Of course, you must do your research to be able to access these offers. Find out what the average market price of this model is before buying it and assuming it’s a good deal. But, because there are fewer guidelines and more margin of error, with a little knowledge, you could get a lot from a seller who has not evaluated his watch at the right price. Many people make a lot of money by returning luxury watches, buying bargains and selling them back to market value.

Advantage # 6: Investment Opportunity

A little knowledge is also needed here, but for those who want to learn, second-hand watches can make great investments. Mainly because some rarer models can increase their value over time and they will be even rarer. It may take a lot longer for new watches to be appreciated because they are made all the time. The best place to buy and sell watches online. We have a team of experts to verify that all the watches on the site are genuine and we act as an intermediary who is what you need when you are trading such huge sums of money online. Our interface makes it easy to buy and sell used luxury watches online from the comfort of your own home.

Advantage # 7: Become part of a story

The second-hand shopping experience is very different from buying a new watch. There is a process you will go through. It will start by really identifying what you want from the purchase. Are you simply looking for an elegant watch, or do you want an investment as well? Are you interested in the classic and elegant designs or features that a diving or pilot watch can offer? You will need to do a lot of research to find out what is currently available and during this research you will enjoy learning about the history of watchmaking and the craft behind watches.

As you refine your search and find used luxury watches that match your criteria, there is a process you will need to follow to get in touch with the owner. You will need to ask them questions, get documentation, and learn more about the history of this specific watch. Who owned it until this point? If she is between 30 and 40 years old, she could have crossed many different hands until now. Finally, when you make the purchase and the watch becomes yours, the story also becomes yours.