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Boiler problem

When it comes to our central heating system, we don’t even think about it until there is a problem. We want you to provide us with all the hot water we require and keep it warm when we need it. But when a failure occurs, it can lead to problems and confusion that cannot be solved at home.

When it comes to boiler (one off boiler service) problems, it is usually not a boiler failure, but if you know that about 90% of the boiler problems are related to the boiler, this is usually related to other problems. thing. Take a look at some of the most common boiler problems. .

Losing water pressure

This may be one of the most common problems with boilers stopping working. If your boiler has been running for a while and there is no water pressure problem, the most common problem may be the expansion tank. Most boilers now have an internal expansion tank installed. This should be reviewed annually, but it seems to ignore this.

Condenser clogging

Today, most boilers are high efficiency condensing boilers (one off boiler service). If the condensing hose is clogged, the boiler will shut down. This usually happens when the outside is frozen. If the condensate pipe is directed to the external drain, the pipe must be protected from the cold. If possible, the condensate hose must be connected to the internal drain.


Many boiler problems are caused by control devices, namely clocks and thermostats. Usually this is a wiring problem and it may even be a loose cable. Make sure you have a 3 amp fuse and no higher fuses. If the fuse is not installed correctly, the problem can be more expensive.

There is no hot water

If you have a hybrid boiler installed, the most common problem with boilers is some even blocked hot water heat exchangers. This is due to the accumulation of sludge in the heat exchanger. In the case of a hot water storage system, the problem is usually due to an electric valve failure.

The radiator will not heat up

First, make sure the system is turned on, the clock needs to be heated and the thermostat is set to a temperature higher than the room temperature, making sure all heaters are turned on.

Sometimes, just make sure everything is turned on.

The entire system has strange noise

If you start to hear strange noises or humming from the system, the mud will pile up normally and the sheets will pile up, and the flow around the system will be limited, which will cause noise.

Boiler leakage

If there is water leakage around the boiler, I suggest you call your gas safety boiler service engineer. It can be as simple as a loose condensate pipe, but it may be more expensive.

Boiler continues

If you notice that the boiler continues to shut down, it may be due to overheating. Although the most common problems are scale and sludge, the pump may have failed and the water cannot circulate fast enough.

When it comes to avoiding boiler problems, the most common problem is that our users often forget the boiler before the hot water supply and central heating stop. All boilers must be serviced at least once a year. When you repair a boiler, you check a lot of things, and if you need to deal with something, you need to process and correct it. After talking to many boiler manufacturers over the years, the most common problems they face are lack of maintenance or improper installation.