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It will be impossible to get out of the CFR as well as may or may not be under our current economic situation, depending on whether you see or blog reading this season’s sadness. This is different for everyone. What we know is that we all have choices: (1) exit or (2) press. The problem with many restaurants and bars is: How do I live, in fact, my growing business is in an economic crisis?

In this economy, there are five ways to promote your restaurant:

Evaluate the cost of the photo you are currently advertising.

Print ads from the beginning of the main body of bar and restaurant advertising, it is difficult to determine its value, because it is largely based on “hope.” You expect the ad to be well written, give the consumer a copy of the newspaper to see your ad, and hope that the sandwich is sandwiched. Evaluate your current print ads as the first place you want to determine the cost of cutting or redistributing. You can consider reducing the size of the 1/8th page of the ad, keeping in mind the first rule of print advertising: you have to be consistent and do it regularly, and you have to stay the same. .

Duplicate customer card

This is not new, but in this economic situation, consumers are always looking for discounts (Wolt Rabattkod). Consider developing or setting up a “repeating customer card.” It’s not expensive, it’s just a business card with checkboxes or perforations. To reduce fraud, consider getting a small stamp of $20 and asking the hostess to stamp the card from the customer, for example to verify the parking lot. It also gives the hostess an opportunity to remind customers of happy hours or special lunches that they may not be familiar with.

Once the customer signs 10 boxes, offer free dishes of equal or lower value, or free desert or discount (Wolt Rabattkod 100kr) percentages.

You can also go one step further, create, and provide owners with a “recurring meal card” for lunch or dinner during a slower period of the week. Since the recession will not last forever, please indicate the due date on the map on December 31, 2009.

Turn your employees into promotion teams

Your neighbor is your best potential customer, especially after the “natural gas crisis” last year, which still makes diners worry. See you on a traditional hanger, but not only in residential areas, don’t forget the many lunches in the office. Hit them with coupons or create your own “lunch club”, similar to your customer card. You can even be creative with your employees, after all, the best thing is to keep the business and prepare the restaurant. With the “code” on the back of the printed document let them participate, like $1 per coupon returned. Turn everyone in the payroll into a salesperson.

Group your resources

You can reduce printing costs and promotion costs by covering the restaurant or bar and cover twice the land. Consider double-sided printing on “paper”, one side with your offer, one side with your “competitors”: split costs and mobilize new “promotional teams”. Everyone doesn’t want to eat in the restaurant every day of the week, but by working with neighboring countries, it can double the number of eyes to see its products and create its own “food enclave.”

Be creative

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to put customers in your seat. A little creativity can be on the road. Remember to use the fixed price menu with the creative name. Combine your inventory control goals with your sales goals. Provide half-price food samples during the cocktail party to drive at night and “check” your signature dishes. If you have fun, find a niche. Everyone has a jazz night, or the band finds a niche market for music or entertainment. The recovery team is perfect.