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If you are a woman born in the mid-twentieth or late twentieth century, you may not have escaped the exaggeration surrounding the plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern) story. It seems that these last moments are unfortunate stories. because? Many victims now seem to regret their decision to use certain procedures because their results are not as expected.

Unrealistic expectations can affect surgeons and patients. Some people who have chosen breast augmentation think their new breasts are too big or not on the chest, which means they are too close or the implant is too far off for optimal placement.

The same is true for facials. Some people who have worked face to face complain that their faces look too nervous and extremely nervous. Some patients complain that other procedures have been added to surgery, such as eye plastic surgery, laser treatment and liposuction, to increase profit margins, to prove their costs, and doctors who recommend additional procedures.

Other situations and challenges involve complaints against medical staff who stated that the risks associated with recovery time have not been fully disclosed.

Some practitioners use menopausal women because they sometimes feel depressed. It has been suggested that those considering plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern) may have to wait until the depression is lifted. Lorraine Dennerstein, professor of psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, Australia, said, “For some women [previously, during and after menopause], their vulnerability increases in the stress time of life, very similar to the possible year after childbirth What happened? “In other words, the coping skills of postmenopausal women can affect the decision of plastic surgery, which means that patients can not like the results.

Hormone suppression or not, there are many failures related to plastic surgery.

Just look at our celebrity groups and their faces are frozen and distorted. In fact, they pay their trusted people to change their appearance, hoping that their results match the computer-generated images they saw at the doctor’s office before undergoing invasive surgery.

Do you think celebrities who use frozen and distorted faces really like to see themselves in the mirror or on the screen after being mutilated again and again? Observing the changed face, we found that the surgery was risky and the results were unpredictable.

Awaken potential patients! Unless your doctor is a practicing artist, you may not be able to get the promised results. Plastic surgeons are not magicians. If you are not satisfied with the new nose, breast augmentation or reduction or facial work, your money will not be refunded.

Postoperative procedures, post-injection injections, surgery and other surgical procedures did not make a good face. We began to see, while waxing, bizarre, unbalanced, deformed features, including contours with strange stretches, enhanced abnormal cheeks and smooth squid plate faces, stretched and abnormal screams “not authentic” .

Keep in mind that frequent improvements mean that complications and strange results are more likely. Dangerous, expensive and unpredictable results may mean that close friends and family may not support you in deciding to cut and embroider your beautiful face. Do you want to be a plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern) addict who is willing to sacrifice your beauty?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look younger, better, rejuvenate and update. In fact, you must take care of your body with love, including your face.

Facial exercise is the most amazing thing you can do for your face. The results are almost immediately apparent, and you get lasting results when you only exercise for a few minutes a day. There are many benefits. As the facial symmetry recovers, you will immediately see and feel the improvement of facial muscles. Your jaw, forehead, cheeks, neck and eyebrows are just a few of the areas you are aiming at, and it’s easy.