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KeyWord research searches for suitable search queries based on the defined expectations and goals. Normally, a list of search terms including their average monthly search queries in the target region and the strength of the competition is compiled.

  • You know which terms are important (much to be searched for)
  • It prevents great effort to operate terms that are hardly or not at all sought.
  • The KeyWord research can also be used as a basis for paid search advertising

Visibility analysis

A visibility analysis is to check where a web page (for which search term, in a region) is placed in which place in the organic search results. For this a tool for the visibility analysis is used. I use Sistrix for that. The visibility analysis should be done on a permanent basis to track the effects of search engine optimization. All Professional Agencies use a visibility analysis tool, contact your agency, or ask before placing an order.

Possible SEO measures

Search engine optimization has a lot to do with planning, it does not  always have to be a complete conversion of a website. However, this can not always be prevented. For example, you can get a lot out of optimizing content or creating a theme-specific subpage. These are just a few simple examples of SEO measures.

Implement SEO measures

Some measures can be done after SEO training. Some measures have to be implemented by your affordable SEO agency or webmaster and some measures have to be carried out by your SEO supervisor. This is how SEO works, without the collaboration between all involved parties it becomes difficult to optimize successfully.

Check impact

Now there should be effects in the visibility analysis. Also in the Google Search Console or the Bing Webmaster Tools should be able to detect changes. The findings now allow further optimization measures to be planned and implemented.

Professional SEO agency or unprofessional rip-off

Not every web affordable SEO agency that SEO writes on the website actually has an idea of ​​SEO. Of course, there are also web agencies that are very well versed in SEO.

You can recognize a professional affordable SEO agency by the following features :

  • You have a personal contact person
  • Your contact person speaks plain text and tries to explain to you as far as possible without technical terms what is involved
  • If technical terms are used, these are explained in simple terms
  • If larger websites are needed, care is taken to ensure that all necessary parties are involved and know what you need to do
  • A professional SEO agency does a KeyWord research
  • A tool is used for the visibility analysis and thus for the control of the measures

The following features indicate an unprofessional affordable SEO agency.

  • Cold acquisition by telephone
  • Uses many technical terms and can not explain them in simple words
  • Does not work with you or your web agency when planning and implementing actions
  • Makes gag-contracts (it is rarely an actual performance apparent)
  • Involves no other parties in a major website redesign
  • Has no personal contact person or this is difficult to reach

Support and market quality

You need support in search engine optimization? Want to know if your current SEO agency or Freelancer works professionally? or would you like to know more about “How does SEO work?”