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Rent inflatable castles and other inflatable games for children’s parties, family events, etc. Full-time or part-time work is a great family-based business. The benefits can be high and fun! You own the business and all the equipment without paying a franchise or license fee. For example, operating only three part-time bodyguards per weekend for only 55 pounds ($88) per porter will result in approximately £330 ($528) per week, or more than £1,300 ($2), 080) per month. . Assuming a monthly fee of about £300 ($480), the profit is still more than £1,000 ($1,600)! A few hours of work is not bad!

Children have birthdays every day of the year. In summer and autumn, parents can rent a bouncy castle as a garden or yard. In winter and spring, parents can rent a community hall to celebrate the party and host the porters.

To successfully operate the inflatable castle rental business (bounce house rentals surprise az), you don’t have to give up full-time work and don’t need a lot of money. This article will show new immigrants how to start and successfully operate the inflatable/inflatable castle rental business and how to avoid mistakes others have made in the past.


When considering starting a gas-filled castle rental business, the first thing to do is to check all local newspapers (category sections), yellow pages and online. See if anyone in your city is promoting the castle rental business. If you find a regular advertiser, don’t be discouraged, there is always room for you. In most cities, the demand for bouncy castles far exceeds supply, especially during the summer months. You will have a very clear understanding of the competition in your area. In a crowded area, competitor companies often neglect the information requirements, even when they are busy filling information, making reservations to other companies. If you are lucky, there may be no competitors in your area.

Necessary equipment.

Here is a list of the equipment needed to start the castle rental business:

  1. a) Inflatable castle, rainproof, electric fan and anchor.
  2. b) Protect the ground leaves in the lower part of the gorilla.
  3. c) Extension cord (25 to 30 meters long).
  4. d) RCD breaker. (Safe disconnect device).
  5. e) The safety mat is placed in front of the castle.
  6. f) Satellite or local maps of your city and its surrounding area.
  7. g) Book a large A4 size office newspaper (1 page per day).
  8. h) Accounting books such as accounting income and expenses
  9. i) Liability insurance. We strongly recommend using millions of pounds as an absolute minimum.
  10. j) Safety instructions and customer exemption forms.
  11. k) A bag cart.

Based on experience, we strongly recommend that your first bouncy castle be 12 feet x 12 feet. (3.6mx 3.6m), the front safety step is 3 or 4 feet (about 1 meter). This size is the most popular among current customers and is easy to handle and store. Once inflated, it fits most gardens and public corridors. There are many excellent companies selling inflatable castles (bounce house rentals fountain hills az). Most new inflatable castles have a one-year warranty, while some manufacturers offer a two-year warranty. Make sure your doorman price includes a small repair kit.

If you purchase a new tire, please ensure that the tire has a certificate proving that it is produced according to recognized standards. This standard was January 2010: BS EN 14960:2006 (UK and Europe) Be very careful when buying a second-hand inflatable game, as the seams wear out over time and cause a break before going to bed. Bring an experienced person and he will know what to take care of.