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A whole program will you tell me. I hesitated a long time before writing this article for fear of being judged, to attract hateful comments, to lose my pretty community … For fear of all that. But I tell myself that if we do not take some risks in life, we do not get anything. So I decided to take that risk, no matter if I ever disappoint some of you. Let’s start by putting things in context. I recently published an article lingerie, where obviously, I expose myself in small dress on the web. I tried to do things in the most classy and delicate way possible, while respecting my world. I called the lovely comments ( ♡  s heart you for that matter) but of course, I also drew nasty comments. I will not talk about it here because it is not the subject but if you want to get an idea, you just have to go on the article, I validated them all. Because we are in France, and there is freedom of expression, shit. I validated all these comments, except for one, which I considered out of context. Charlotte (cuckoo if you pass by that) refers to my  followers  Instagram, which was not the subject at all, we agree. That’s why I decided to react to it in a dedicated article (what an honor I’m making you there, you should be very proud!) . Already, I find it amazing that some people are wasting time constantly checking the number of subscribers of certain Instagram accounts, as if they were looking for the one and only reason to skyrocket the account or the person in question, that this either on social networks or in their entourage. But this is another debate. Certainly, I went from 2000 subscribers to 4000 subscribers on Instagram in 48 hours. Several reasons for this. I posted an article on the Instagram feed . Following this, I gained a number of important subscribers. Accounts subscribe and unsubscribe regularly, that’s how it is. Yes, I have “bought” subscribers (ouuuuuuh the thug, goes retro satanas) .

Why do I put “buy” in quotation marks? Because in reality, I did not buy them, well not completely haha. A follower buying company (whose name I will not mention of course) offered me a partnership. The partnership ? Offer me subscribers with a pretty huge discount, some unfortunate euros only. Certainly, many people would have refused this partnership because of morality, or ethics or whatever. Me, I assume, I accepted. I accepted because it is a stepping stone, a development aid I would say. Since this increase in subscribers, the attendance of my blog and my social networks have increased. And then, for those who follow my account closely, I have also lost many subscribers. At the time I am writing these lines, I am at3384 subscribers . Will I be lynched because I lost a considerable number of subscribers in record time? No, of course in this sense, it will go completely unnoticed. Secondly, it was “obvious that I bought Instagram followers because I only have (more or less) 100 likes (buy instagram followers and likes) on each of my photos”. I think this argument is more than ridiculous. We talk about accounts that account for 20/50/100/200 000 subscribers and where the number of likes (buy instagram followers and likes) does not proportionally exceed 2000/5000 likes (buy instagram followers and likes) per photo? AAAAH in these cases, we do not talk about it, right? Would I have touched a sore spot? We do not talk about it because these accounts have the chance to have a lot of groupies, so people just keep quiet.

It’s taboo to buy Instagram followers because it’s considered a lack of personality on the part of the person. But who are you to judge? Do you know the ins and outs that pushed the account in question to buy subscribers? No, I do not think so (if so, you can skip this paragraph and go directly to the next) .A brand buys its subscribers to increase its notoriety, increase the reach of its publications and thus sell more. A blog buys its subscribers to increase its reputation, increase the reach of its publications and thus increase its visits and generate more partnerships. A classic account  buys its subscribers to increase its notoriety, increase the reach of its publications and therefore feel more popular also (for this case, I confess that I understand less … but I do not judge) . I must admit that I also had this speech a few weeks ago. But after further reflection, it is a communication tool like any other. And as we say so well, curiosity is a bad fault, and it is this fault that pushed me to buy some of my subscribers. But unfortunately, it’s still taboo. I think we still have to wait for the mentalities evolve on this subject, but rest assured it does not matter! As any criticism is good to take, – as long as it remains in the subject addressed – I would validate all comments. I would answer it very carefully.