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The next branch of Bitcoin cash comes from consensus changes between different bitcoin cash development teams. Since there is no consensus, it will be at 4:40 pm GMT (time 1542300000), which will create two different cash chains for Bitcoin, Bitcoin’s ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin Sonic on November 15th. Vision (BCHSV). Finally, one of them will become the dominant chain.

What is bitcoin cash?

Bitcoin cash is a peer-to-peer electronic money system. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency, no license, and does not require a trusted third party or central bank. On August 1, 2017, the community of Bitcoin, including developers, investors, users and businesses, took a logical decision to increase the maximum size of the birth block and the creation of Bitcoin cash. Anyone who at that time (478,558) Bitcoin became Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which was announced by Airdrop Alert on the list of bitcoin cash holders.

How do I apply for a local Electron Cash Wallet?

If you are in the BCH of your portfolio of cash electronics before November 15, you can apply for BCHABC & BCHSV if you have a private key at your own risk. Electron Cash software is already compatible with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) networks and new BSV networks.

It is recommended that you exercise caution after the branch date to ensure that the network is running smoothly and allow other confirmations. It is also recommended to use a small amount as early as possible and make sure you are using the correct network.

Important: Reproduction is not possible between two competing networks. This means that if you send a transaction on a BCH or BSV network, your currency can also be moved to other networks. Read the Electron Cash manual carefully to safely store, transfer and split parts.

How do I use a material ledger portfolio claim?

If you are in the general ledger portfolio to keep BCH on November 15th, you do not want to treat your bitcoin cash assets during this interruption period, no further action is necessary. This means you will not be able to use Bitcoin cash accounts when the service is suspended. You can monitor when bitcoin cash is brought back online on the general ledger status page. Read the official announcement of the ledger carefully.

How do I apply for the Trezor hardware portfolio?

If you use Trezor with Bitcoin money, you should keep in mind the following points about hard support:

Trezor does not recommend trading before and after the end of the fork until things calm down.

The Trezor Wallet Server runs the Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin Cash ABC site) node and follows the ABC Bitcoin chain. If you need to trade on ABC, you can use your service. There is no guarantee that the transaction will appear in other channels. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that it will not appear in other channels. note!

Since Bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash ABC site) developers don’t have any protection against replay attacks, Trezor does not provide claims tools for cross-channel security. If a different channel appears, you will automatically provide coins in all channels after a hard distance (no duplicate protection). For more information on the holder, please refer to Trevor’s official statement.

How to apply for an exchange?

Keep your Biosafety Clearing-House components in a switch that supports two rigid supports

Check the appropriate change announcement to see the exact time of the snapshot, because there are subtle differences between certain transactions, as well as the nuances of freezing deposits and withdrawals.